We are re-building the Combat Athlete. We are not just improving their physical fitness. Our goal is to change lives through a complete overhaul of physical fitness, nutrition and mindset. We don’t stop at our athletes. We believe our team should lead by example by living a healthy lifestyle, constantly upgrading their knowledge and doing the deep work on themselves in order to show up powerfully for our clients.

We are always on the lookout for the following positions: Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Coach, Admin Assistant, Sales, Marketing Co-ordinator, Content Manager

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We don’t live to work. We don’t even work to live. We believe that our employees should love what they do for work. And we believe you should have the necessary time to be active, build relationships and pursue your other passions. We follow a 5 hour work day M-F, 8am-1pm. Sometimes you’ll find us working late days and making things happen for our clients, but it’s not because we have to. It’s because we love what we do.



There is a lot to be grateful for when we take the time to acknowledge it. We practice this daily by reporting 3 things we’re grateful for each morning to a shared app. Happy team, happy clients, happy life.


Inspired by the book of the same name, we believe it’s time for a culture shift in the way we relate to our work. 8-12 hour work days are highly unproductive in today’s knowledge work environment. We give our employees the tools to do their jobs and give them the freedom to create the efficiencies to get the job done sooner. Expanding your work to fill up time is ridiculous. Get in, do a great job, and go live your life.


A couple of times a month, we spend time outside of work to build relationships, learn what makes each other tick, and just have some fun. Breakfast, paddle boarding, sports or music events, whatever sounds fun.

How to Join the BROTHERHOOD LIFE Team

A-Team Only

We only employ rockstar team members that accomplish more in 5 hours that most do in a couple of days. We also want people that fit into our team and culture. You know who you are, and we want to hear from you.


We’re always on the look out for awesome people. If we like you, we’ll figure out a way for you to work with us. All of our team works in Victoria, B.C., and if that’s not reason enough to work with us, we don’t know what is.

Application: Submit both a traditional resume, as well as a 2-3minute VIDEO COVER LETTER. In the video cover letter, tell us why you’re an awesome human being and why you want to work for the BROTHERHOOD LIFE team. We don’t care about your video skills, a video taken from your iPhone will be just fine. Upload it to YouTube and send us the link along with your resume to info@brotherhoodlife.com. No phone calls or walk ins please.

Screening: We get a lot of applicants and we’re highly selective. We’ll confirm with you via email when we receive your application. If we like what we see and read, we’ll contact you for an interview. If we don’t have a position for you immediately, we’ll still keep you in mind for a future spot.

Skype Interview: We’ll conduct a short Skype interview to determine if it’s a good fit. All positions require you to live and work in Victoria, B.C.

In-person interview: If we feel it’s a good fit, we’ll fly you to Victoria, B.C. to meet the team.

Job Offer: If we feel you’re a food fit, we’ll contact you by phone and follow up by e-mail with a written offer. We can accommodate your schedule to set a starting date.