Andrew, CSOR Operator

I am giving a great big two thumbs up to Wes and Brotherhood Life for getting me ready for my military course which was extremely physically demanding, Wes is very professional and knows his stuff, while prepping for my course he encouraged me to push my limits and continue to re-evaluate my goals, as well as laying down a killer workout schedule every week and helping me zero in on my nutrition.

When I arrived at my course I showed up well prepared and was in the top half the participants in all of the events, I could see other people physically breaking down while I was excelling. Wes’ methodical approach to my fitness was tailored specifically to me to ensure improvement in all the major muscle groups as well as the not so popular stabilizers that played a huge role in making things suck just a little less. I am truly thankful to have found Wes and Brotherhood Life and I am a lot better off physically and mentally for having trained with him. Thanks Wes Kennedy for everything.

[Individual photo withheld. Featured image used for illustration purposes.]