Ben, Marine Scout Sniper

I found out about Wes, from reading some of his articles on The Loadout Room, and Breaking Muscle. I found his philosophies and approach to fitness refreshing and highly intriguing. It was one of the first times that it seemed I had found a system that actually matched my goals and specific needs, and would suit my busy schedule.

My main goal was to prepare to pass the Scout Sniper Indoc for my battalion’s Scout Sniper Platoon.

My overall strength and stamina, were increased greatly, not just in one area but all areas. Always a strong performer in PT tests, all of my scores improved drastically, to even higher than ones from when I was 5 years younger at boot camp.

The one on one interaction, and the development of a specific personalized plan is what makes these guys different. Previously I had always tried to fit myself into a pre-made workout system or program. As such I found myself doing a lot of guesswork trying to adapt myself or my goals to the way those programs were structured. More often than not, although I did get results, they did not directly correlate with my end goals for the programs. The personalized program that Wes made was structured directly to my goals and my abilities, scaling to me on a daily basis. In the past, I had quite often over trained, which would negatively affected my results. Because of the constant feedback and scaling of Wes’ programming that was no longer a problem, as the program constantly was adjusted to where I was performing.

My advice to anyone considering working with these guys is to communicate as much as possible with your coach and do exactly what they say.

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