Brad, MTOG Operator


I heard about Brotherhood Life from both looking up Special Operations pre-selection training programs, and also from my friend Ryan, who is a Canadian Forces Clearance Diver.

My goals when starting out were to develop a baseline of strength and endurance to be prepared as much as possible for selection.

I experienced improvements right off the bat after a few months working with Wes. My squat, deadlift and overall strength has improved a lot, as well as my technique. In the past I had good callisthenics and endurance but not a lot of strength.  With Brotherhood Life I am able to have decent speed and step up my strength. In January 2016 with the right preparation from Brotherhood Life, I developed the fitness and the mental toughness to pass the Maritime Tactical Operations Group Assessment Phase and the Maritime Tactical Operator’s Course. Now employed as a Maritime Tactical Operator, I’m in a good place to keep developing and prepare to take a shot at the Canadian Special Operations Regiment Assessment Phase with confidence.

Brotherhood Life is different compared to other programs in that each program is different for each individual depending on their baseline level of fitness, goals, etc. Each program is tailored to the individual to give them the best chances of success, as each person is different.

For someone who wants to work with Brotherhood Life, the best advice I can give (especially if you’re in the military) is to think long and hard on a goal. Ask yourself: “Why do I want this goal? Am I willing to put in the work to achieve this goal?”. If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ then you’re probably going to waste your time. If your answer is yes then the next step is to jump into the unknown and giver. Most importantly, play the long game and have some fun with it.