Mylan Clairmont

Mylan completed his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University and is currently finishing his Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked with athletes competing in the NHL, AHL, CFL, Guiness Pro12, NASL, NCAA, CIS, and many other sporting federations as well as many Special Operations candidates.

He believes that cookie cutter programs you will get cookie cutter results. Injuries, body composition, training experience, muscular imbalances and your goals are just a fraction of the things that I consider when making a program. You can be working harder than anybody else in your selection class, but if you are not putting in MEANINGFUL and PRODUCTIVE training then you could be doing more harm than good.

“ I will not lift the weight for you or carry you the distances that you will run. I will show you the way. Anybody training with me is guaranteed support and expertise regardless of your current fitness levels, nutrition or goals. What I need from you is effort and a willingness to try new things. That’s it. Everything else will fall in place if you are working hard and working smart.”