Chris, Special Forces Operator


I found Wes while reading a T-Nation Article about strength being under emphasized in the military fitness community and right away I had to find out more about this guy. So I started the interview process (which was more than I expected but anything great isn’t easy).

Working with Wes has been an awesome experience. I started with him 6 months ago in preparation for SFAS. My main goals were to get better run and ruck times and improve my aerobic engine, but after my first few test weeks he helped point out where my weaknesses were and we made a plan during our strategy sessions to start working on those weaknesses and continue to maintain my strengths. Wes helped me with not only improving my run and ruck times dramatically but with minimal impact to my joints and nervous system. I also improved my grip strength endurance (which I didn’t even know was a weakness until test week made it obvious).The efficiency of his program allowed me to improve my aerobic engine and continue to improve in other aspects. It also set me up for success when I got to selection. I showed up as healthy as I could ever hope to be.

ETP is all about a holistic approach to fitness. He combines specific nutrition and sleep prescriptions for his athletes. He builds a strong base of healthy habits and a foundation of strength first. All this ensures his clients have longevity in their future goals whatever they may be. The importance stressed by Wes about my nutrition coupled with highly effective programming ensured I was performing optimally during my selection. At the end of the day I made the cut and I owe a lot of it to ETP.

If you are looking into ETP just do the interview session! The worst thing that can happen is you don’t want to join. While the more likely thing is that you will start training with a great group of motivated people you have you best interests in mind and who will provided you will a wealth of knowledge to improve yourself in more ways than just fitness. Heck if you don’t like it now come back in 6 months and you might see a huge difference since they are allows improving from feedback.