Dustin, Clearance Diver

During my career in the Canadian Forces I have taken part in a lot of physically intense training. I surrounded myself with those on the same mission as myself, This mission was to prepare our bodies and minds for specialized military training. Be it a Special Forces element, Search and Rescue or Clearance Diving. The majority of my peer group is now either living their dreams in the trade of their choice or well on their way.

Throughout the years we spent training together we dabbled in every _____.com out there. All the major fitness resources on the internet were scoured with a fine tooth comb looking for the secrets to success. We spent countless hours with our noses in books and internet forums making discoveries on our own and putting them into practice at a gym we had at our disposal. We tried every major diet out there, went so far as to weigh our food at times. We spent hours upon hours in the gym making many personal sacrifices. NONE of us got out what we put in.

All of our work just provided us with mental toughness, the ability to take a good old fashioned beating and above average results across the board.  We tracked our gains but they where unbalanced and slow at best. Leaving us with conundrums of what could possibly be wrong, We did the work, we ate the “right” food at the “right” times according to whatever regime we decided was the best. Our conclusion was we just must not be working hard enough.

When I knew it was my time to face the biggest challenges in my professional career I was lucky enough to have a close friend whom had already been working with Wes and his company.  I knew it was time to seek a professional, I had already committed so much of my personal life to my pursuit I thought “what do I have to lose?” Since working with Brotherhood Life I have achieved all of my personal fitness goals. Wes provides the BEST programming I have encountered. His nutritional guidelines have given me more freedom and results than I have experienced with any nutritional program out there. Thanks to Wes and his team the obstacles between me and my goal are growing ever smaller.

Wes always answers all my questions in an extremely timely manner, He provides valuable feedback and helps me define goals consistently. In short, making the decision to work with ETP has been the best decision of my athletic life. I have recommend Wes and his company to all of my peers. I extend this recommendation to anyone who has any sort of serious fitness goals whatsoever, be it a career or sport. Now all my time in the gym is time well spent. Now I am eating the right foods at the right time. Finally I am turning every hour in the gym into great results that I utilize every day. Wes provides excellent reading material and advice to further my education in fitness. None of the Brotherhood Life clients I know regret their decision to join the team. You won’t have any regrets either.