Jay, Combat Controller

[Excerpt from video interview post-selection]

“What we did leading up to selection played a huge role in my success. The rucks that we did that gradually increased were super important. Not going for distance, but rather for time. Because when you go for distance it is a different mental game. When you go for time you are constantly moving, not thinking about getting to this point. So then when you actually have a distance you realize that you are actually getting there faster than you thought when you were going for time. Once we got to selection our rucks weren’t as heavy, because we used much heavier rucks in training.

There were a lot of guys that were a lot bigger than me. Bigger guys are usually better ruckers just because the weight doesn’t feel as heavy to them. Going into selection I weighed 180, maybe 178 lbs and we had 200lb guys and I was just zooming past them. It didn’t faze me at all. Honestly, I think it was all the single leg work that we did leading up to this that strengthened my hip flexors. Because if you think about it when you’re rucking you’re not necessarily squatting. It is more of a launch, so your single leg movements that’s what helped me with everything. So rucking, it wasn’t a problem at all.

Sleep on selection didn’t really bother me at all. I didn’t feel fazed. I think it only started to get me towards the end. I think it was more dehydration. Our pool was a saline pool, and for some reason I felt like it dehydrated me when I got out of it. I think that played a role in it, but I wasn’t really that tired. We had to do psychological tests as well. You can’t talk about them but you have to do them. You’ll be in a room for a long period of time, and usually if I’m in a room for a long period of time like that I’m dozing off but I was good.

For nutrition leading up to selection I was up to 400g of carbs a day, which was quite a bit higher than when I started. I started working at a gym coaching classes so I could use the facilities, because the gyms on base don’t have all the equipment I need, so I told the coach about glycofuse and carbs, and told him if he takes it right after his workout he is going to recover better because it is going to get your cortisol levels back to normal and keep you from being stressed out in that fight or flight mode. As soon as he started doing it, boom, he was feeling leaner, had more energy, lifting way more, and I told him that my coach Wes taught me that and he was impressed. I showed him some of your stuff, and this guy has a ton of coaching experience, and he was actually praising you. I’m trying to get your name out there every day!”

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(Image courtesy: sofrep.com)