Matt, Calgary Police and Infantry Reserves

Editor’s Note: Matt’s team took a Silver Placing in the Canadian Patrol Concentration, an intense infantry-centric patrolling event involving Regular and Reserve force teams as well as international competition.

I  heard about Brotherhood Life through a colleague  at work who had been very successful in areas that I am interested in.

My main goals with training was to achieve my personal best and second to balance my life, create a solid support base to allow consistent high level performance on the job

Since starting with Wes I’ve put on 15lbs of lean mass in three months. His fitness evaluation was extremely  thorough and identified weak links that I instinctively knew were there, and I have noticed impressive changes. Instead of having to rely on work ethic to get through physical challenges,  now I have the strength levels to succeed and can focus my mental drive into high level performance.

Brotherhood Life is different because it is tailored to build a better combat platform. Weaknesses are identified and then turned into strengths. No two programs are the same as the needs of no two combat athletes are the same, subsequently Wes’s programing yields serious results very quickly.

Further to that Wes knows first hand the demands of high level military competitions, and this takes the guess work out of your preparation. Finally the coaching and mentoring that takes place forges a stronger warrior. Having an objective view point on one’s physical status, mental status, stressors, and lifestyle variables means consistent, measurable progress.

My advice to someone considering signing up is two fold:

  1. The results speak for themselves. If you want to be your best then sign up. It’s not a gimic, hype, or a quick fix. It is a scientifically calculated development program with an immense amount of work.
  2. It is a full lifestyle reboot. This is for serious people. If you mean business then sign up and get to work.