Matt, Clearance Diver

I heard of Brotherhood Life through a combination of Word of Mouth and stumbling on an article written by Wes Kennedy on T-Nation. When I came to Brotherhood Life, my main goal was to pass clearance diver selection. My biggest improvements were my Single Leg strength and my Surface swimming speed and endurance.

Brotherhood Life is different for a few reasons:

    1. The experience Wes has with Special Forces gives him an understanding of what is required to get through selection that I personally believe can’t be learned unless you’ve been there.
    2. The Brotherhood Life community has become an invaluable asset to all of the members in it. We have 2 coaches as well as many members from all walks of life with a ton of experience between us all. All this combined knowledge makes success almost inevitable.

My advice would be to set an overall goal as well as many small goals that will get help you get to where you want to be. Also, whether you’re a Warrior Mentor Project client or a Team Room Training member, trust the program. If you feel something isn’t working, discuss it with your coach but don’t stop till he says stop.