Ryan, Intelligence Officer

Here’s the bottom line, guys: Wes Kennedy and his team are the real deal when it comes to training you for whatever you’re up against. I worked with Wes for the past seven months. I went into my individual coaching with him already fit; I’ve been training in a variety of military-centric forms for about 6 years now. Despite several weeks in the field for highly intensive military training, I NEVER STOPPED IMPROVING with Wes’s programming and individualized guidance. I’ve used the cookie-cutter programs from other sites claiming to be for “military athletes.” I’ve used the “functional fitness” template. I’ve used individual coaches who were unfamiliar with the military lifestyle. None of these things have come close to the kind of quality and results Wes has delivered for me. If you want the best in coaching for achieving your goals as a soldier, you’d be foolish to look anywhere else.