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Brotherhood Life leads Warriors in creating a deep and purposeful existence through a blend of physical fitness, nutrition and mindset training. Using unconventional and proven-effective online training, we allow athletes to discover strength and mental capacity beyond the imaginable. Our online programs are designed to challenge people to excel beyond their self perceived limits; propelling them not only to achieve their goals, but to create a more fulfilling, and purposeful existence that serves others and contributes to greater change in the world.

Our main focus is our work with Special Operations hopefuls. This includes, among many others, candidates for Navy SEAL, Special Forces, Ranger, Pararescue, Combat Controller, Clearance Diver’s and more.

We work with Military members, Special Operations soldiers, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters. We also work with those who resonate with our approach to training. Those who want to reach a high level of physical fitness, without over training. If, like many of our clients, you’re not interested in group classes, or having a personal trainer stand next to you every training session, but you still want professional coaching, our programs may be the right fit for you. We work with people willing to put in the time, follow instructions and who want to be part of a bigger community.

One of the biggest pieces that sets our program apart from every other on the market today is our unique approach to ‘mental toughness’ training. Our community is having the hard conversations that noone else is willing to have. Because of that, we are able to create lasting change in our clients that allows them to create a life of depth and of purpose – not just elite physical fitness.

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