Our mission is to change the way combat athletes think and train. To do this we’ve put together a team of warriors and academics to provide the most effective programming, nutrition, and mental toughness training available. Our clients are individuals who want to take their fitness and results into their own hands and experience steady progress and growth. Our coaches understand what it takes to get there and are experts at teaching others to do the same.

Canadian Forces

Wes joins the Canadian Forces as a Combat Engineer. 2 and half years later, he finds himself in Kandahar province, Afghanistan searching for IED͛s (Improvised explosive devices) along the roads of the war-torn country.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Wes completes Special Forces selection and subsequently SFC before being badged as a Canadian Forces Special Forces Operator. During his time with this unit, Wes deployed back to Afghanistan to hunt down insurgents, completed his Sniper course, as well as a variety of other courses including Special Operations Rappel Master, Assault Breacher and Conduct after Capture.

Elite Training Programs

ETP began it’s growth as a company focused on online fitness coaching for athletes. It soon become apparent that our true calling was serving the warrior community.

Back to The Promised Land

The company set up shop in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Making a Name

Wes begins to make a name for himself in the Tactical/Combat/Warrior fitness arena, writing articles for T-Nation, SOFREP, The Loadout Room, and Military.com among others, as well as being featured on numerous podcasts and interviews.

Mental Toughness

After identifying a gap in the market of ‘Mental Toughness’ training, and backed with a deep study in ontological coaching, Wes implemented a unique and brutally effective program to address what we’ve experienced to be major weak points in the traditional approach.

Brotherhood Life Emerges

With a rapidly growing number of clients and team of 6 full time staff, Elite Training Programs rebrands into Brotherhood Life, more fully encompassing our true purpose and vision.