Wes Kennedy is a special forces operator & sniper, author and the world’s #1 coach for military & LEO men. He is an authority on fitness & leadership for the warrior community. He has combined his passion for fitness & nutrition, coaching, and embodied masculine leadership to train men around the world to reach their peak potential.



A BROTHER is driven by purpose. He steps outside his comfort zone in order to press his unique and clearly defined purpose into the world.

A BROTHER takes action. He chooses his path and walks it, accepting reality as it comes. He understands that the best time to start was yesterday; the next best time, today.

A BROTHER is humble. Vulnerability is his strength and he asks for help when needed. He understands that nothing great was ever accomplished alone.

A BROTHER practices wellbeing. He invests in himself so that he may serve others in his highest capacity.

A BROTHER is present. He is grounded in each moment confidently forging adventure, camaraderie, and his life's purpose. Life is as enriching today as it is tomorrow.

A BROTHER is integrous. He does what is right over what is easy. He is honest, sincere and trustworthy.

A BROTHER is committed to a sound mind, body and spirit. He is dedicated to the training of the physical, the tempering of the mind and the fullness of the spirit in order to create his desired future.

A BROTHER teaches. He shares his experience with others, without condescension or frustration. He passes on what was passed on to him so that others may grow.

A BROTHER embraces change. He accepts the impermanence of all things. He sees the bigger picture and is proactive rather than reactive.

A BROTHER respects the past. He does not dwell in regret for what has passed. He listens and learns from past sacrifices of those that came before him.

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